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Save the Sea Turtles Jewelry

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Researchers stumbled across an endangered Sea Turtle known as the Olive Ridley and a video tells the shocking story of how a simple straw can cause suffering i can hardly bare to watch.this disturbing video was a part of our vision to earn funds to help by way of being a merchant of save the sea turtle jewelry.


The plastic was lodged in the sea turtle’s nasal cavity, reaching down into his throat, inhibiting his breathing and sense of smell—the most important senses required to  find food. It was no doubt disturbing the turtle’s entire quality of live, and possibly diminishing the ability to ever mate.


I had a turtle that had a piece of plastic sticking out when she was dropping her eggs. She’d ingested a plastic bag, and it was tangled in her intestines. When we find dead turtles, we dissect them, and almost every single turtle has some kind of plastic.” 

If you have not seen this video we encourage you to watch it as heartbreaking as it is. We do not seek a "shock factor" for presenting this to you but rather educate as many people as we can, the suffering caused by the unintended circumstances of humans activity in polluting waterways and the dire consequences. 


Please Donate, Volunteer, Host a fundraiser, buy a bracelet, whatever you feel will contribute to stop this madness. Share these stories with as many as we can as mankind by nature has the utmost empathy for gentle giant sea creatures so help save the sea turtles jewelry with a cause.

 save the sea turtles ring

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However with all the strife and disorganization in this world we cannot ignore the fact that we are driving these endangered creatures whom have outlived the Dinosaurs and still survive to extinction which is final.Help fight extinction by purchasing a save the sea turtles bracelet in which donations are made to conservation efforts.
But due to an out of sight out of mind mentality of Governments and Corporations. I truly believe collectively with our voices together we can save these and all majestic endangered creatures. By doing our part no matter how trivial it may be such as sharing with another creates a chain effect that will by working together will make this stop.
 Save the Sea Turtle Jewelry Opal Necklace
You can find this Save the Sea Turtles Jewelry Opal Necklace on our site.

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