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Save the Ocean Bracelet

Save the Ocean Bracelet

The Lowdown on Save the Ocean Bracelet Styles


 Sea Turtles have inhabited the earth for 55 million more years than the dinosaurs and rapidly becoming close to extinction. They are a world treasure with no limits on resources to save them. 

We took a look at some of our favorite featured  Ocean Charity Jewelry websites and have the goods to share whats out there for form and function and style.

To begin with its quite confusing with so many websites with save the ocean jewelry and, save the ocean bracelet choices.

Whats Your Save the Ocean Bracelet Style ?
There are so many categories of  Save Sea Animals Jewelry it can be overwhelming. We suggest you sit back and when searching for an ocean jewelry with a cause you look for a practical or exorbitant bracelet as long as it meets and serves your style. Its great to have a cause but to buy a plastic bracelet that will be worn once and sit in the drawer for ever after isn't really a sensible choice.

Product Choice for Save the Ocean Bracelet

There are many different materials used in save the ocean bracelet think about whats your favorite and don't forget comfort.
A leather save the ocean bracelet as shown is quite attractive and ha a cause which in this case on our featured website charity donations are made to save the ocean bracelet for whales. A cute look which can be work with blue jeans, flats and your favorite Friday casual shirt and this will finish your look. Its available in many colors from pink to brown so a color for every mood and outfit is available is a great hypoallergenic ocean jewelry choice. The same style is available however with sea turtles in all the same fun and funky colors.


A favorite of ours would be a 925 sterling silver save the ocean bracelet as they are a precious metal and do have a real value may be cleaned and polished and worn for years if its a quality piece.The piece below is 925 Sterling silver and its cause is save the ocean animals jewelry and  a popular choice. A polished refined look this 925 Sterling looks great dressed up or dressed down it has that statement piece look of ocean conservation jewelry and assuredly the compliments will come when you wear this bracelet. And as a bonus it will technically hold its value however silver prices have risen in 2020 but marginally for a small purchase. This bracelet is in the save sea animals jewelry category for donation causes.


Lets move on to some multi-layer stack save the ocean bracelet styles. These are versatile and can be made of several materials such as a sea turtle pendant with wax string, as well as pea beads which are quite popular and cute and a nice touch of a wax string yoga AUM symbol. The nice thing about this style is it can be worn as a stack bracelet or singles, such as a sea turtle anklet and switch them around for your personal style. This makes for a great value buy and option choice.This has 20% of its proceeds to save ocean animal jewelry charity as with all bracelets of our feature site.


Here's a really cool choice if you want a noticeable save the ocean bracelet that will almost guaranteed get wows from your friends. This natural malachite stone save the ocean bracelet has an accent fish symbol and colors that will brighten your day. These stone bracelets have many color combinations and are considered adjustable as they have an elasticized material to hold onto your wrist. The cause for this choice is save ocean animals jewelry which encompasses whales, sharks, sea turtles, and and sea or ocean life in which as mentioned a portion of net proceeds is donated to a charity cause that is  appropriate with the jewelry style. As a special bonus the fish symbolism is considered very luck in a spiritual sense so great for a gift for your bff. This is one of my favorites and the wardrobe options are endless with the mix of colors and texture, so at the beach or board room have fun with this style.


Now this is a true eco friendly sustainable resource save the ocean bracelet made of solid wood beads a resource that is as eco friendly as possible. The wooden beads are stained with non toxins or are left with a natural finish which is my preference as nothing beats the beauty of wood grain. This save the ocean bracelet is available in 12 styles which have such bangles as spiritual animals, yoga, Christian cross and bright vibrant blue and red bed mixed styles to please any casual beach bum boho style. As well it is elasticized to make that perfect fit on your wrist. I consider this to be a unisex bracelet as they look great on any wrist male or female. Due to the all natural pretense of this save the ocean bracelet the category for donations would be ocean conservation jewelry based in the contributions. This is an any wardrobe pick yet a little more on the casual side for females, and men it could certainly be business or casual wear.


How about something unique well this is an excellent choice of save the ocean bracelet style. This natural stone bracelet with amazing texture color pallets which match those of nature and the delightfully fun sea turtle in a neutral color to blend in very nicely with the what we consider the almost perfect save sea animals jewelry symbolism jewelry style. It has an elasticized feature as well for a snug cool factor look and if light and very comfortable. This comes in different stone styles with some amazingly florescent natural fun fashionable styles as unique as you are. As the bracelet is natural stone it is durable low or no maintenance and a sea and ocean jewelry statement piece with other in the websites collection in colors more suited for men which would be made of lave bead stones with a more masculine look. The charitable proceeds for this ocean bracelet are allocated to save ocean animals jewelry.


A very popular unique stylish and certainly a sea and ocean boho style save the ocean bracelet made 925 sterling with an adjustable chain and a super cute starfish pendant with cz inlays that will give you an amazing choice of  20 different styles and colors to make your wrist candy come together. A blue jeans and tee or formal little black dress wardrobe would both be a great look with the various color compliments in these bracelet styles. We consider them fun funky and a great statement piece for ocean lovers. Durability would be in the marginal area however if the bracelet is worn from time to time on a casual basis you should receive a long lifespan for this piece. The donations for this series is disbursed to ocean conservation jewelry


Whats Your Cause ?
So in summary the choices of save the ocean bracelets vary widely and generally each may save one portion of the conservation efforts of not just saving the ocean but rather saving the ocean and all its wonderful creatures and life.
Our featured save the ocean bracelets on have a multitude of saving oceans initiatives noted below so there are many ways to save the ocean with a large variety of sea animals and ocean life with a cause.

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