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Coronavirus and Sea Turtles Thriving Lay 60 Million Eggs

People around the world are practicing social distancing and staying indoors as much as possible. Businesses are on lockdown and people cannot gather as usual. Even though the pandemic is incredibly serious and dangerous, it’s become clear that animals and nature are reaping some benefits from all this. There’s evidence of reduced pollution and animals have been able to live more freely. While humans remain on lockdown, animals just continue enjoying the world in a way that we never allow them to.

Sea turtles are some of the endangered species seriously threatened by human activities. Almost all species of sea turtles are classified as endangered. They are often slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells. They’re also victims of habitat destruction and plastic pollution. Fishing gear left in the ocean also causes turtles to die of entanglement. And to make matters worse, humans can just be flat out cruel to them. For instance, a few months ago, many baby sea turtles were burned to death, and another sea turtle was abused by people who thought they could harass her and climb on top of her.

However, in Eastern India, sea turtles have been able to peacefully reach the shore with less humans and pollution around. This has led to a “much safer and productive hatching season.” According to Sea Voice News, “Adding the eggs laid by turtles with more security due to the blocking of activities by Coronavirus, the authorities have come to estimate that, in total, there will be about 60 million.”

This is fantastic news for sea turtles, especially with the looming threats of extinction that hang over them. 

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